If I Had Known career preparation services are designed for students ranging in age from 13 to 22. Students who join in our CareerShops get front row access to our career coaches in a casual, round table style learning environment. Students engage in group discussions and one-on-one discussions with coaches, hands-on activities, combined with practice and application exercises, emerging with greater insight into their own unique career path. CareerShop participants should come with a mission to learn, share and have fun.

Texans occasionally receive unfair treatment from the media for our so called imperfect education system. When in reality, the only thing truly perfect about any of our states’ educational systems are our great kids. Our kids are still our kids, whether they succeed or fail. What's most important is figuring out how to help them succeed. At If I Had Known, we place value on our students, not on what they achieve. This value added approach is the secret ingredient missing from our young students educational diets. We suggest that they won't value their educational responsibilities until they can believe they are of value themselves.

Our unstructured learning environment encourages students to learn as much from other students as they do from our career coaches. Students who have participated in our CareerShops get to take center stage by mentoring other students. Providing our students with opportunities to teach what they have learned to others, this helps everyone grow.

It is our mission to maintain the connections we make with our students for a lifetime. As their goals change, they can continue to consult with our professionals and receive on - going support. Our former students nearly always make the best role models for our new students. They have a built-in, inside track to success that new students can sense the moment they meet them. We ask former students to coach our students and they often arrange apprenticeships for some of them to work one on one.

To enroll or for scheduling information, contact an If I Had Known career coach.

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