If I Had Known CareerShops are a cross between a TV reality show and an art class, where the participants learn by doing and are encouraged to let their creative juices flow. Students who enroll in our CareerShops receive real world information about career and industry and self-improvement, in a format that really makes sense.

Imagination is a key component that resonates through all our CareerShops and is a character-istic shared by each of our career coaches. We encourage our students to become more imagi-native because it will help them view the world from unique perspectives, form new ideas and create solutions to overcome the road blocks they could encounter in their future careers.

Find Your Path
Get to know what the If I Had Known organization is all about. In this introductory CareerShop, we'll provide students with creative ideas, inspiration and one-on-one dialogue, regarding possible career and education choices. Our goal is for every student to conclude this workshop with at least one viable career path and a road map how they might get there.

Academic Excellence
Dramatically improve your "total learning experience" by sharpening your study skills. Learn about time management, improving reading comprehension, how to take more useful notes, improve research skills and about test preparation.

Career Choices
Find your passion or uncover a hidden talent in a career you may have never known existed. If I Had Known has partnered with dozens of business professionals from a wide variety of career fields to educate and inspire our CareerShop participants about
prospective career choices.

The process of finding the ideal school can be daunting. Learn how to select a college or trade school, what courses to select for your particular area of concentration and how to apply for and successfully receive grants and scholarships.

Sometimes finding the path to reach one’s career goals mean creating a whole new path entirely. In this CareerShop, students learn ways they can think outside the box and put what they are passionate about into motion by growing their own businesses.

The students who enroll in our CareerShops might not work shoulder to shoulder with Donald Trump, but many of our them will have an opportunity to receive on the job training from local business professionals to experience a career they're interested in.

We do our best mental work when we are in top physical shape. Learn preventive and practical ways to maintain good health with exercise, healthy eating and more.

Mind and Body
It can take a lifetime to discover who we are as individuals, why not start now? Learn how to address and resolve self-esteem issues, learn about character building, how to set realistic goals and more. We want to help our CareerShop participants become more of who they were meant to be and develop a winning image.

We teach former CareerShop students how to pass on to others what they've learned and to inspire and alleviate some of the fear surrounding education and career choices.

From credit cards to how to negotiate the maximum salary for a new job, this workshop touches upon ways to save, spend, invest and grow your income.

How we carry ourselves can have a positive or negative impact on how we're received by the world. From the differences between a salad fork and a dessert fork, to how to write the perfect thank you note after an interview, we help hone your etiquette skills.

Interpersonal Communications
Learn how to peacefully co-exist with people that have different opinons and the people we love. Learn conflict resolution techniques, how to improve personal relationships and what our nonverbal communications says about us.

Community Service/Volunteering
It's easy to forget that the world we live in extends farther than our own backyards. In an effort to improve our community, If I Had Known is making it easy for even our youngest citizens to give back. Select from a multitude of great community service projects that will make you feel as good as the people you help.

Parents and Teachers
This is an open forum for parents, teachers and the community at large to share their views, concerns and ideas on careers, industry and education for our students.


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