"It doesn't matter if a young person is gifted or an underachiever, If I Had Known career prep services are built upon a conviction that everyone can learn and improve. We say, you provide the vehicle (your aspiration) and we'll provide a road map for achievement."

Like the old African proverb, "It takes a village to raise a child," it can also be said it takes a city to educate and inspire today's young people. At If I Had Known, a career preparation organization that promotes the educational interests of young scholars in a hands-on, real world learning environment, we construct our entire organization around this very principle. With our school teachers already stretched to the max, it's simply not wise to expect our schools to be the sole source of inspiration for our young people. Inspiration should emanate from all parts of society. Founded by North Texas native Jocelyn Franklin, in response to her own challenging experiences as a young gifted, yet uninformed student, If I Had Known is a place students can discover what they are passionate about and uncover a career path early on, rather than later in their educa-tional development. Our CareerShops, as we call them, are facilitated by successful local business professionals (career coaches) and occasionally celebrity role models, to help our students see for themselves the rewards of hard work and the future.

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